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About Us

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DAIMO MOTORS GROUP IMPORT & EXPORT COMPANY. Was created in 2004, through 5 years of tireless efforts, has become an import & export trading company by linking services such as: quality guarantee estylo, economy. With headquarters located city of Hong Kong our business is international trade and professional service for buying and brand marketing.

Our company has launched the business commute between distributors also expanding our brand nationally and internationally. accumulated abundant experience in business negotiation, negotiation, and technology & innovation, above all.
We followed the rules of trade as a service to customers wholeheartedly.

Our Services:
● Product development and design, OEM / ODM, with ISO 9001 quality management 2000.
● supply products, providing information to distributors & Innovation.
● Survey and analysis of export markets and import.
● sales agent, trademarks disclosure, management of sales channel.